‘Objects hold meaning’ molten silver bracelet

‘Objects hold meaning’ molten silver bracelet


I usually only find the meaning in what I create after some reflection and time to process. I made this in January and it only makes sense to me now.

I’m interested in how objects can hold meaning, energy, and symbolism—especially those which have a direct relationship with and contact to the human body. It’s why jewellery is my chosen medium.

At the National Museum of Scotland, there’s an object called the “Witches iron collar”—a heavy and really terrifying iron neck restraint used during the Scottish witch trials to physically punish and control the women accused. When I saw it in January, the object gave me a visceral experience. Extreme fear, horror and sadness in my body.

I wasn’t aware of it at the time of making, but this bracelet is a response to what that metal restraint symbolises. I ended up unconsciously creating something that visually echoes a handcuff, but that has a completely different feeling tone to the collar. Loose and natural instead of controlling and punishing.

This bracelet came to life through intuition—a process devoid of design or intended outcome, but centered on feeling, presence and process. I’ve never explored wax carving and casting because they feel too focused on an end result. Instead, I work with molten silver, allowing it to take on organic forms. It’s an unpredictable way of making, but I love this process. It feels wild, powerful and vaguely magical because of the heat involved and the transformation that occurs. The charms of this bracelet were made in that way.

Made from 100% recycled silver molten charms.
Please note this item is handmade to order and is completely unique. As such, yours will vary from the one pictures here, but will be just as special.

‘Objects hold meaning’ molten silver bracelet Image 2 ‘Objects hold meaning’ molten silver bracelet Image 3 ‘Objects hold meaning’ molten silver bracelet Image 4 ‘Objects hold meaning’ molten silver bracelet Image 5 ‘Objects hold meaning’ molten silver bracelet Image 6
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